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BEST Aircurtain In India 9041883189

We are engaged in supplying a variety of Air Curtains that are used to avoid the outside air to enter in cooled or heated area through an opening. Our product range includes Powder Coated Air Curtains, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Vertical, Filter Air Curtains, Human/ Magnetic Sensor and Custom Air Curtains.

They comprise of a protective shield, for rejection of unwanted air, dust, smell and noxious odour, temperature loss, smoke and insects. These air curtains are used in several applications, including restaurants, hospitals, Auditoriums, Offices, Banks, Hotels, Air-Conditioned showrooms, Airports and many more places.

The Air Curtains are sleek, quiet, with a consumer-friendly design that makes it perfect for commercial installations and also has a variable speed control, allowing you to turn the air column up or down to suit your needs. In summers they keep the hot air out and keep the premises cold and in the winters they keep the buildings warm and keep the cold air outside.

Food Industry like restaurants and hotels where hygiene is of utmost priority can benefit the most from these Air Curtains to keep the hygiene levels up all the time and keep all unwanted smells, insects and dust away from the cooking area.

Article by:- Sumit Bhandari

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