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If A Warehouse Or Commercial Building Is Heated, What Are The Advantages Of Installing An Air Curtain?

Heat rises and tends to stratify. The air curtain will cause the air to circulate, eliminating the stratification; this helps to reduce heating costs. The directing of a space heater toward the air curtain intake, if practical, will assist this action and minimize any cold drafts by bringing the warm air down to floor level with sufficient velocity and at the same time will prevent cold air from entering the building, thus saving on energy bills.

We are extending our services to our vast clients throughout India for Air Curtain and PVC strip curtains. Air Curtain is a modern device which, when installed on a door, forms an invisible door. Buy Air curtains suitable for industrial & residential applications. We are Air curtains manufacturers in India providing air curtains at affordable prices. Air curtains are aerodynamically designed air blowers generating a laminar stream of air with sufficient quantity (cfm) and speeds (velocity) to offer the desired . We are manufacturers of air curtains in India, since 2000. Our. air curtains are widely used in a variety of industrial and laboratory set ups. Air curtain is a device which creates an invisible barrier between a room and its surroundings thus preventing pollution. Air curtains are used to block the dust and flies entering into air conditional spaces. We are the leading most supplier of this product in India. BEST Air curtains are the best suited elements to control the indoor climate in all the places where the doors cannot be installed.


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