Air Curtain Models

About Air Curtain
Air Curtain is a machine used for separating outside environment from inside environment.

Air Curtains has downward-facing blower, mounted over an opening. It throws air across the surface with certain pressure. Usually the opening is at the entrance to a building, or opening between two areas- having different temperatures.

BEST Air Curtains throws at an air pressure of 20m/s enough to generate a high pressure air that can reach the floor.

Air Curtain once installed at main entrances opening creates an invisible barrier of Air.

• • Maintaining Air Temperature Inside
• • Energy Saving – By Increasing efficiency of Air Conditioners
• • Keeps Dust Out of premises- Making environment- dust free
• • Keeps Flies Out
• • Helps climate control in premises due to managed air flow.

Things to be kept in mind:
• Height of the Door- these Air Curtains are effective at height upto 10 Feet. If door height is more than 10 feet, then it is advisable to have steel suspension to bring down height of Air Curtain.
• Width of Door- Standard seizes is – 3,4,5,6 Feet Air Curtains
• Surface above the door- Concrete or glass? If surface above the door is Glass- Then Steel Frame is required to mount Air Curtains.