BEST PVC Strip Curtain In Rudprapur

BEST Standard PVC strip curtain in Chandigarh is the most common type of PVC strip curtain used by the customers and contributes to 90% of all strip curtains sold in the market. Standard PVC strip curtain is also known as Transparent, Clear, Common, Regular and conventional strip curtains. Unlike Ribbed and Translucent PVC Strip curtain, Standard PVC Strip curtains are flat and are very economical. BEST PVC strip curtain appear much clearer and have impeccable transparency. Standard PVC strip curtains are good for indoor and outdoor applications where temperatures range from 0°C to +65°C.

BEST PVC Strip Curtain is manufactured using advanced technology and best machinery. Our products are designed in a manner so as to reduce the wastage of energy and reduce the cost. The PVC Strip Curtain is highly durable and is available in various colors and thickness.

BEST PVC Strip Curtains are appreciated for their easy installation & low maintenance, and can be used for any kind of application. The PVC Strip Curtain offered by us is easy to clean and install.  These are made keeping in mind the requirements of our clients.



BEST Standard PVC Strip Curtains are available in the following standard dimensions

1. 200mm*2mm*50m

2. 300mm*3mm*50m

3. 400mm*4mm*50m

BEST Industries can also customize the measurement of the PVC Strip Curtains as per the requirements of the client.


BEST Standard PVC strip curtains are available in clear color which is the ideal choice for better visibility. Clear color is the most sought color by the customers. We also have green, blue, yellow, and brown colors. We also can make customized colors according to the client’s requirements.


BEST PVC strip curtains are manufactured using quality raw material and advanced technology, to ensure high performance and long working life. PVC being very rigid, stays straight and never bends or distorts under normal care.

PVC Strip curtains restrict the movement of air pollutants. They prevent birds, flies, dust, fumes etc. from entering the working area and ensure proper hygiene is maintained during traffic movement through the doors. They help in controlling the spread of airborne pollutants, dust spray, fumes & noise, Isolate noisy machinery, thus increasing employee comfort and improving efficiency on the shop floor and subsequently improving the work environment.

PVC strip curtains help in separating small and large work places. They can be very easily installed and involves very less maintenance. Usage of PVC strip curtains does not hinder the movement of vehicles and pedestrians through the strips. PVC strip doors do not cause any injury to the pedestrians.

PVC strip curtains act as a barrier in controlling the temperature loss and act as an effective reduction in heat, cold and humidity-loss, thus maintaining the temperature and conserving the energy.

PVC strip curtains are widely used in Warehouses, Loading docks, Machine Shops, Supermarkets, Department stores, Industrial Plants, Construction sites, Refrigerated Trailers, Walk-in Coolers / Freezers, Restaurants, Food Processing Plants, Airport baggage conveyors, private sectors at security checkpoints or inspection areas, Welding Booths, Restaurant back doors, Industrial applications susceptible to insects and birds, Industrial Plants involving manufacture of Electrical and Electronics components, computer hardware assembly areas, Public Transit Agencies, Military Installations, Airports, Manufacturing Facilities.

Our strong presence in Indian metropolitan cities in the supply, Distribution and Installation of PVC Strip Curtains has made us the leaders in PVC Strip Curtains.

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Article by:- Sumit Bhandari


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