Why Cracks developed in PVC Strips ?

Why Cracks developed in PVC Strips ?

So many companies install PVC Strip Curtains in India and every one wonders….Why Cracks developed in PVC Strips ? First we must understand what is PVC and then we will understand why these cracks develops…

Why Cracks Develop?
1. Using very low Quality Chinese PVC Strips.

2. Lots of Sun light , but Non U.V.  PVC Strips are Used.

3.  Very low temperature.

4. Poor choice of grade.

5. Ozone and weathering effect.

Polyvinyl Chloride

Physical Properties

Property Result ASTM

Hardness (15 sec. delay) 79 A Scale D2240

Tensile Strength: 2400 PSI D412

Ultimate Elongation: 350% D412

Graves Tear: 440 D1004

100% Modulus: 1400 PSI D412

Stiffness: (-20ºF) 44,000 PSI –

Brittleness Temp: -33º F D746

Operating Temp: 0º F to 150º F –

Specific Gravity: 1.21 D792

Density: 75 lbs. cu.ft. C-177

Thermal Conductivity (K): .73 C-177

Thermal Resistance (R): 1.37 C-177

UV Resistance: YES

Polyvinyl Chloride

Ingestion: Not a probable route of exposure.

Skin: Molten material will cause thermal burns.

Eye: Mechanical irritation only.

Inhalation: Inhaled and retained in the lungs.

Fire Fighting Measures

Flash ignition temperature: 260°C / 500°F

Unusual fire, explosion hazards: PVC will not continue to burn after Ignition without an external fire source.

Hazardous combustion products: Burning liberates HCL gas.

Special fire fighting instructions: Fire fighters and others exposed to products of combustion should wear full protective clothing including self-contained breathing apparatus. Fire fighting equipment should be thoroughly decontaminated after use.

Extinguishing media: Water spray, CO2 or Foam extinguishing agent

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