9041883189 Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains in India

BEST PVC Strip curtains is the leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier and dealer of high quality PVC Strip curtains. Our PVC Strip curtains have given us a solid brand reputation for our well known innovating design, high quality, reliability, durability, excellent service and backup support.

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Strips Curtains such as PVC Strips Curtains, Industrial PVC Strip Curtains, Flexible PVC Transparent Curtains, PVC Opaque Strip Curtains, PVC Flexible Strips Curtains, Plastic Strip Curtains and many more items from India.

Product Composition:

  • Atlas PVC strip curtains and PVC strip doors comprise of a unique U.V. resistant grade of clear soft P.V.C. in strip form and powder coated CRCA / stainless steel hardware. Our PVC Strip Curtains  are made of high quality, low toxic, cadmium free PVC. The recommended operating temperature is 5 degree C to + 60 degree C.
  • PVC is Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Speciality grades suitable for cold store applications are available and can withstand upto -35 degree C.
  • The concept is simple but highly effective. Strips are hung with a 50% overlap in small interior apertures or factory partitioning. 100% apertures are used for high pressure areas.
  • Sliding door systems for heavy movement areas.
  • Brilliant transparency Does not interfere with natural light.
  • PVC Strip Curtain’s material has an oxygen index of 23-34%. This value represents the percentage of oxygen required to maintain combustion. The fact “normal” atmosphere will contain approximately 21% oxygen means that Pure PVC curtains are self-Extinguishing.
  • A special welding curtain is also available. These grades are generally coloured green with reduction in harmful UV light of 99%.
  • Buffer strips with a number of ridges absorb the initial impact with abrasive vehicle components. These ridges protect the surface area and ensure long term visibility.

We respect and remember every valuable customer and prestigious clients throughout our endeavour in setting the standards in PVC strip curtains in and around India, because our customers and clients are our driving force that propels us forward in every aspect from planning to final end product.

We put forward customer satisfaction and product quality that has made us the leading manufacturers, suppliers, importers and distributors in PVC Strip Curtain Market.

We are the suppliers of energy conservative PVC strip curtains that comprise of a unique U.V. resistant grade of clear soft P.V.C. in strip form, that PVC strip curtains can be used in different industries like automobile industry, food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry and engineering industry

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