Features and Advantages of PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains


We are the Manufacturer and suppliers of energy conservative PVC strip curtains that comprise of a unique U.V. resistant grade of clear soft P.V.C. in strip form, that PVC strip curtains can be used in different industries like automobile industry, food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry and engineering industry.

PVC Strip Curtain Doors

BEST industrial PVC strip curtains are made of clear transparent PVC strips curtains for uninterrupted passage in factories, shop floors etc.

They Are Ideal For:

  • Automobile Industry Textile Mills
  • Cold Storages, Ice-Cream Units
  • Food / Meat Processing Units
  • Hotels
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering Industry

Features and Advantages of PVC Strip Curtains:

  • Unlimited access by vehicles and Pedestrians
  • Energy conservation
  • Increased Efficiency on the shop floor
  • Rounded edges to avoid injury to Pedestrians
  • Effective reduction in heat, cold and humidity-loss, noise and dust transmission
  • Improved working environment
  • Prevents birds, flies, dust, fumes etc. from entering the working area
  • Maintenance free requiring an occasional wash with plain water and / or any cleaner like colins

Product Composition:

  • BEST PVC strip curtains and PVC strip doors comprise of a unique U.V. resistant grade of clear soft P.V.C. in strip form and powder coated CRCA / stainless steel hardware. BEST PVC strip is made of high quality, low toxic, cadmium free PVC. The recommended operating temperature is 5 degree C to + 60 degree C.
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Speciality grades suitable for cold store applications are available and can withstand upto -35 degree C.
  • The concept is simple but highly effective. Strips are hung with a 50% overlap in small interior apertures or factory partitioning. 100% apertures are used for high pressure areas.
  • Sliding door systems for heavy movement areas.
  • Brilliant transparency Does not interfere with natural light.
  • PVC strip Curtain material in India has an oxygen index of 23-34%. This value represents the percentage of oxygen required to maintain combustion The fact “normal” atmosphere will contain approximately 21% oxygen means that pvc strips are self-Extinguishing.
  • A special welding curtain is also available. These grades are generally coloured green with reduction in harmful UV light of 99%.
  • Buffer strips with a number of ridges absorb the initial impact with abrasive vehicle components. These ridges protect the surface area and ensure long term visibility.

Fire Performance of PVC Strip Material

PVC Strip material has an oxygen index value of 23-24%. This value represents the percentage of oxygen in a controlled oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere that is required to maintain combustion.

The fact that a “normal” atmosphere will contain approximately 21% oxygen means that PVC Strip can be considered effectively as ‘SELF EXTINGUISHING’.

As with many materials, PVC on burning will give off dense smoke and toxic fumes such as hydrochloric acid and carbon monoxide. One must also consider the “Chimney Effect” of vertical burning and of course the close proximity of more combustible materials such as wood that have a lower oxygen index and which would promote fire in the area of PVC Strip. PVC must be considered a very safe material and is currently used in many forms in building, for example “Window Frames” and should be judged in relation to other materials when assessment of fire resistance is considered.

Handling and Storage :
There are no transport or storage hazards, but due care should be taken while the ROLLS OF “PVC Strip” ARE IN COILED FORM NOT to store in wet or on damp floors or areas of high humidity. Keep away from heat or direct sunlight. These precautions do not apply once the strip is hanging in situ. See storage description (as diagram).