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boycott made in china Air Curtains

Today, times are challenging. There is no focus in Make in India policy. Government has failed miserably. All of our big competitors are importing cheap air curtains from china and selling them off to railways , Big PSU and Big Indian MNCs by saying that It is Make in India. I wonder, there is some audit or checking on part of big buyers, when they buy from them.

We have been making all type of Air Curtain in India . The latest been SS Air curtain , where We are giving 5 year warranty on Air Curtain. Problem lies with purchase guys is they dont need quality. Most of the companies in India believe and instruct their purchase team that buy as low as possible. I went to Abbott plant once and saw SS304 Air curtain bought in 8000 rupee. No wonder All of them have rusted. It is a classic case, where big pharma companies also buy inferior products , not following so called EC safety measures. If you start auditing Big companies, they dont follow environmental guidelines. Bottom line is” Cheap is best”

Even in Government sector, the corruption is so rampant. They take products at inflated price and then take buyback. who is there to check :Made in China or Make in India.

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