Transparent PVC Strip Curtain

The most basic and economical barriers to separate two spaces are overlapping strips of clear or tinted flexible plastic known as PVC Strip Doors or Strip Curtains.The most common application for Strip Doors is as a secondary barrier where the primary door will be left open for extended periods to facilitate workflow.

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of flexible transparent pvc strip door with unique hanging & swinging system which is designed for any size door opening. Pvc strip curtain  is the most Economical Way to Close a Door Opening, The clear Flexible Strips Provide Unsurpassed Visibility For Safety In High Traffic Areas. The Edges Of The Strips are Rounded to Avoid The Danger Of being Cut, Concave-Convex Overlapping Pattern Enhances The Sealing Effect.

The Pvc Strip curtain /  Door is the Universal Low Cost Enclosure That Reduces Heat and Refrigeration Cost, Minimizes Energy Consumption, Provides Noise Control, and Increases Employee Comfort.

Another example of where PVC Strip Doors are used include cooler doors or freezer doors or even overhead dock doors where controlling environmental conditions such as heating, cooling or moisture will save energy and protect supplies and equipment.

  • PVC Strip Doors provide improve the traffic flow as they help speed the movement of your personnel or materials between two areas in your building by eliminating the stop, open, move through and manually close actions that a traditional door requires.
  • Strip Doors also provide protection against noise, wind and dirt therefore helping to provide a comfortable work environment for your employees.
  • For cooler and freezer door applications Strip Doors can reduce heater wear, reduce filter maintenance, reduce coil icing and assist in longer shelf life for refrigerated products.
  • PVC Strip Doors and PVC Strip Curtains are easy to install, maintain and if necessary repair or replace.
  • They are very versatile and can adapt to a wide range of applications.

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