Why PVC Strip Curtain Turns Yellow after some time ?

If you are a regular visitors in Industry, You will find black strips hanging at shutters or dispatch areas. Most of them have cracks. You will avoid a close stare and move on. Do you know , those worn out PVC strip are big source of contamination in the Industry. Learn below , how its a signal that toxins are about to enter your production area or finished product area.

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Why PVC strip Curtain turns yellow and what it means to you…

PVC as Poly vinyl chloride is in its purest form as transparent shade. Anything which changes its color and transparency will shoe contamination or adulteration of a kind. In strip form, few additives and stabilizers are added to help it retain that shape and transparency against weathering. Mostly blue shade PVC strip curtain in India is second grade. Its of poor quality. When a purchase order it, it tend to buy the cheapest Pvc strip curtain in India.

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Lots of fillers are added in Rubber components to increase its strength and reduce per kg cost. Biggest example is radial tyres.

Additives or Toxins

All these additives are chemicals. If you are running a food processing industry, then think of those chemicals getting into your items.


Cracks will develop with time . Why ? These additives are bonded with the PVC and with change in temperature, under effect of Ozone and UV in sun light, these additives leave and pollute the environment, These are toxins , which can go anywhere. As these additives move away, the PVC strips will start becoming pale yellow. When ever there is season change , especially, winter, The cracks will start appearing,

Avoid them as they are toxic material…….

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