Why Urinal Sensor fails in India ?

April 13, 2015

Keeping pace with the international standards for India has never been easy. So many new concepts and practices have introduced in past decades. With Swatch Bharat and Make in India clubbed together, we are developing Urinal sensors in India. Almost all of the urinal sensors and sensor taps are imported in India and sold. All these products are Chinese and have been big failure.

If you just look around at most of the installations of sensor taps and urinal sensor in India, almost 90% of them are not working. Due to whatever reasons, these sensor systems are malfunctioned.

Chinese products are imported by traders in India and then sold at hefty margins. There is no technical know how with most of the traders and moreover almost all of them sell it as being made by them.

Biggest culprit for the failure of automatic sensor tap/faucets and urinal sensor is Soil. Most of the commercial installations have not put proper arrangements for pre cleaning and filtration of water. This lead to clogging of solenoids and ultimately due to no water flow, sensor fails.

Proper service and maintenance schedule can help in reducing breakdown time and ensuring smooth functioning of urinal sensor and sensor taps.

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