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Eureka Air curtains expel a powerful stream of air that acts as an invisible curtain to repel flying insects.  by the way, air curtains are also known as air doors or fly fans or air screens.

Stated very simply, an air curtain consists of a specialized powerful fan mounted over a doorway.  Through a directed nozzle, it blows a strong stream of air over the door opening, forming an invisible barrier that flying insects avoid, without impeding business traffic through the door.

Air doors can be mounted horizontally above the door, blowing air down, or vertically, at the side of the door, blowing air across. At right is an example of a horizontal mount above a restaurant service entrance.

Many design and installation factors influence the effectiveness of an air door.   Ordinary fans do not accomplish the same purpose, as the angle and velocity of the air must be managed to be effective.

  • The air stream should cover the full width of the door (or height, if vertically mounted).
  • The energy of the air stream generated must be of sufficient strength (CFM and FPM), and the angle of the air stream must be properly adjusted, to form an effective barrier, and to offset the effects of any wind or negative air pressure.
  • When negative air pressure is strong, a complementary system of air curtain(s) and make up air fan(s) is used.

As an added benefit, air doors are a powerful tool for climate control and energy cost reduction, while enhancing employee and customer comfort.

June 2024