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Different types of Industrial Air Curtain in India

Different types of Air Curtain..

Air Curtains have been popular in India for last 25 years. When I was introduced to the concept, I was like ” So what the big deal ?”. Its just another product. Now after so many years, when I see the growth in the industry, I feel bit sad that a full fledged industry has gone down due to destructive marketing and no innovation.

Innovation Threat

When Air Curtains were introduced in Indian Market, the same model still continues. Its like Bajaj Scooter. So many decades, No changes, No innovation , ultimately it faded away. Well, promotion of motorcycle was another factor. Can we see the same fate for Air curtains?

Chinese Threat

There has been a sudden spurt of Chinese model. I wont name the company, but all of their products are imported from China by main player in India. Whether its Air Curtain or Automatic Soap Dispenser or Automatic Hand Dryer or Shoe Shining Machine , these things are not manufactured in India.


In recent years, we have launched a variety of models like Stainless Steel Body Air Curtain , Metallic Body Industrial Sleek Air Curtain and High velocity Air Curtain for Industrial usage. When we introduce these models to Multi National Companies , they appreciate innovation and place orders, but same better quality products are offered to Indian companies, they prefer older cheap models. We point out the difference in Energy consumption and efficiency of the refined Air Curtain, but their deciding factor is cost. We have tried a lot , but, In India , The person who is deciding the purchase of the product is not an engineer most of the time. His only skill is bargain, otherwise no businessman will say to our refined Delta Range products.

Its a struggle like most of the pioneer in any field , but we will keep on innovating and hope to beat the Chinese threat in two years.

December 2022